All About Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

All About Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

There is no doubt in the fact that Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is popular iOS and Android mobile title in action genre. This is free to play game with in-app purchases and it offers great features with impressive gameplay. Due to the use of famous animation character from DBZ series, the game gained popularity faster and it trended in many countries.

Zeni and Dragon Stones

There are two currencies offered in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, first one is Zeni and second is dragon stone. Both are imperative because you have to use it in many works. Zeni is primary currency and it can be earned easily. On the other hand, Dragon Stone is premium currency and it is tough to obtain because of few methods offered. The currencies are available on the purchases so you can spend the real money to get it.  Well, this isn’t the suitable method because various methods are offered by developers which can help you out. It is easy and pretty much reliable so you can try it out now.

Features of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle    

As mentioned various features are making it popular and here, we are mentioning most of interactive features behind the popularity so it can help you out.

  • You can explore the awesome world of the dragon balls and there are many areas which can be your favorite. Being the unique board game style gameplay let it obtain higher audience.
  • There are Ki Spheres in the game and you can find it on the screen while battling. These will engage you out in the supersonic combat. The fight will be extremely awesome.
  • You need to come up with the dream team. well, what it mean is to create a team of three players having higher powers. After getting dragon ball characters, you need to take down the opponent by winning.
  • The story starts after the crash landing on a planet. The timeline is completely thrown in the story of chaos and here you nedd to work with the trunks to know the bottom of mystery.
  • This game has a working Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack, so you can try it as well.

This is pretty much everything about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and you will love the fact that the game work fluently on most of smartphones. There is no need of spending excessive amount of money on a new high end device. The game is simple and easy to use interface is behind the popularity of it.

About The Game

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has the rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on Google play store and it is 3.7 stars on Apple App Store. The game is developed and designed by Bandai Namco entertainment and the use of popular character from Japanese series DBZ is behind the popularity of it. There are lots of stages to complete and you need to choose the characters for fight. This fighting Freemium has vivid graphics that can amaze you out and developers claim that the graphics are higher than your Smartphone’s ability.



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