How To Earn Zeni And Dragon Stones In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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How To Earn Zeni And Dragon Stones In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Currencies matter the most in a game and if you are playing a smartphone game then you have to get it for sure. The same goes for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle where earning currency play vital role in winning. Two currencies are offered by Bandai Namco entertainment where Zeni is common and dragon stone is important currency. Both are playing the vital role in upgrade of character and unlocking them. It can be tough to get the awesome character without these and winning is also tough but don’t worry and breathe! This post will guide you to the path of earning higher amount easily and without tackling to any issue.

Win Battles

In order to earn higher amount of currencies, you need to win most of battles and it is easy as if you focus on fighting with tactic. It starts from learning to defense and playing the levels. These are easy in the initial stages but you will be facing issues  in the later stages but don’t worry because you can upgrade the character by spending existing currency. it is pretty much helpful and important.

Live Events

Keep on monitoring the events because these are helpful in earning higher amount with ease. Try to focus on the goal and check the rules wisely. These events are offering highest amount and it is easy to win in such events. Make sure to focus on playing with strategy. Sometimes, you can find easy to complete events and these are offered to earn higher currency. Almost everyone can participate in these and earn more.

Try Out In-App Purchases

If nothing works then there are some alternatives which can help you out. Spending real money on the in-app purchases is one of the methods offered by developers to ease you up. Try out the starter pack for a trial and making sure that you don’t face any issue. This is easy to use method and reliable too but we recommend you to spend less amount on it. Most of addictive gamers of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle end up spending thousands of dollars on it. Even you should skip it out.

Use authenticated methods only

Surely various methods let you earn currencies but you can find some websites offering a good amount of zeni and dragon stones but we recommend you to avoid these. Unless you use trusted Dokkan Battle Cheats on our website.

Final Words

These are some of the important factors to keep in mind to obtain resources in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and these can help in saving money also. In order to play without any issue, you should learn the pure basics from tutorial offered by developers and it is pretty much reliable also.


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