Top 5 Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips For Beginners

Top 5 Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips For Beginners

Dragon ball Z series was a great hit and gained popularity across the globe due to story. There are millions of people who have watched it and it helped many upcoming games. Yes, there are so many games developed on this Japanese anime show and Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of them. If you are willing to play it but don’t know that where to start then this guide will help you out.

In this post, we will be discussing about –

  1. Why to Land Precisely?
  2. Put A Versatile Team
  3. How to Take On Enemy?
  4. When To Use Ki Burst?
  5. Defense- The Key To Success

This is pretty much everything which can let you be the top notch gamer and we recommend you to focus on each factor wisely so you don’t face any issue.

Why To Land Precisely?

If you are playing the adventure mode and ready to land on the top of the board then try to go slow and keep in mind that it is easy. Don’t be nervous because it is very simple, just a thing of consideration. It is behind the activation of certain events. If you are not willing to start events like red spaces then it is better to land away and it is pretty much simple.

Put A Versatile team

As you know that there are total five types of fighters in the game and there is sixth slot for your team. it basically refer to the fact of having one from the every type and it is depending on you that which one to choose.

How To Take On Enemy?

If you want to win then you need to take down the enemy and it is easy as if right method is followed. Well, you can look at own board and notice it. If there isn’t any red stop sign then their places are passable and you are able to skip them out. It means you don’t land on them. It is less stressful thing and easy also. However, you have to take on enemy you see in the game

When to use Ki Burst?

The most famous thing about the game is Ki burst and it easy to use. There are many benefits offered by it and the main one is to use in when charging isn’t the option for you. Using Ki helps in the charge and there is no need of worrying about it because you can charge by this method. If the opponent has same ki burst then you are able to excute the burst.

Defense – The Key To Success

Every battle game has various different things but they are similar in strategy and the same goes here. You need to defend well from opponent and it is the key to success. Try to dodge most of attacks and keep on replacing so that opponent can’t come closer or hit you out.

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